Ilmgold’s recipe for success is tasteful decor on top quality porcelain. Instead of eye-watering onion patterns, fresh mouth-watering designs.

Since 2009 treasures of white gold get washed on the shores of the Weimar river Ilm. That year Laura Straßer und Kai Meinig, graduates from the famous Bauhaus University, have discovered that a delicious dish is enjoyed much better on tasteful tableware. Right away a workshop was organized to redesign the good old plate with fresh interpretations and to sell the popular creations for a good cause.

The demand exceeded their wildest expectations and they decided to found Ilmgold. A respective online shop was created with the first permanent collection.The team of creative cooks ensures variety on your plate by continually testing new patterns and pepping up that old white mishmash. You may be surprised what Ilmgold will serve next, but you can look forward to enjoy that dish.

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Award-winning porcelain

The porcelain is produced by Thuringian trendsetter KAHLA porcelain and provides the perfect ground for Ilmgold décor. Best regional ingredients result in unique collections Made in Germany.
For that reason, Ilmgold‘s decor is not only looking deliciously, but even resists knifes and dishwasher.

KAHLA Porzellan Thüringen

Design on the table!

When flowers grow of deers‘s antlers, fishes strand on two food and ducks crossing fennel, then be sure ilmgold‘s designer have a finger in the (porcelain)-pie. The decors geared to classic porcelain pattern and some parts of the ilmgold collection have been made of old french archive decors. The extraordinary and funny decors are developed with phantasie as basic recipe and good shot of humor, which made Ilmgold well know also outside of Germany. Chief of cuisin is Laura Straßer. The product designer is working with porcelain for some years and has caused a stir.
Studio Laura Straßer

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